Research and education in Czech Republic 12.1.2020

Research and education in Czech Republic

Research and education in the Czech Republic.

The Association of Aquaponic Farms has had another difficult stage in its development. After long interviews with Mendel University in Brno, primary and secondary schools and a number of educational institutions, we have found a way to effectively educate students about a sustainable and healthy area of food production. An entire team of people will be fully dedicated to spread the ideas of aquaponic agriculture at primary and secondary schools. 

The accredited course is called "BASICS OF AQUAPONICS", during which the educators will be explained the basic principle of nutrient cycling and given a small aquaponic set to run with their students in their schools. This is the first accredited training course about aquaponics ever. Other programs will follow soon, as the interest, of the Ministry of Education for “meaningful and practical” education of teachers, is huge. Our association will coordinate the entire robust education system, which will include regular practical courses, specialized courses and additionally we are launching a bachelor's program "Aquaponics". It should see the light of day in September 2021. An important partner in this area will be Future Farming, which will provide facilities for education and research inside the commercial farms.

We are taking part in the three programs of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and we are waiting for the results of further applications. At the same time, we cooperate on diploma theses, especially with Mendel University in Brno. Thanks to the Association of Aquaponic Farms, the results of these diploma and research papers are immediately practised in the private sphere. At the same time, there is a great demand on the labour market for graduates, at least with a basic knowledge of aquaponic processes. Aquaponics is very complicated and has its unanswered questions. If someone claims knowing everything about aquaponics, he's surely a liar.

The Association of Aquaponic Farms connects people, schools, companies and partners in a common effort to build a fair and strong aquaponic network in the Czech Republic. As a part of further communication, we are now in discussing cooperation with an English University of Portsmouth, which will join the Association and participate in the research. A very close partnership agreement is also being negotiated with universities in Italy and Slovakia. Our goal is that aquaponics will finally boom not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe. We are working constantly on this and thank you all for your favour.

Bc. Michal Fojtík
translated by Bc. Jakub Flek, MSc.

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