Our aims

AAQ was founded in 2016 for the needs of aquaponic farming pioneers. Since aquaponics is not a completely standard and established system of food production, there are many accompanying services and products missing on the Czech market, without which it is not easy to operate a larger farm. In particular, the supply of fish stock or the repurchase of fish, the pre-cultivation of vegetables and its subsequent purchase, or the standardization of production processes to ensure high quality of the resulting food, logistics, financing and much more.

AAF has set itself the goal of solving these problems and, together with an awareness campaign, to raise awareness of aquaponics. Bring together farmers and cooperate to find ways to solve the biggest problems and obstacles on the way to successful business in this area. Education and publishing are an integral part of this process. AAF aims to address the young generation of students in the form of accredited training courses. We see a way to raise the awareness of aquaponics into this.

The successful construction of 3 large farms in the Czech Republic can be considered as the success of the association. The farms were supplied by a partner company and the association participated in the implementation as a mediator of contacts, subcontractors and services. Another great success was the signing of a contract between a Czech company and a Chinese investor. Negotiation of this contract took 2 years and the main mediator was the Association of aquaponic farms. In China, the construction of an aquaponic farm covering an area of 130 hectares is underway and the fish technology is supplied by a Czech company . The Chairman of the Association Michal Fojtík is also a member of the Managing Committee of the European Aquaponic Association and cooperates with the Association of Aquaponic Farmers in the USA.


The Association is the main organizer of the HUNGER FIGHTERS project, which plans to build aquaponic farms for schools in the poorest regions of the world. The first farm will be set up in cooperation with the non-profit organization Shine Bean in Kenya. The farm provides daily food for 350 children and teachers at the local primary school. At the same time, the children become acquainted with the principle and functioning of such a farm and can apply this knowledge in their future lives.

Beautifully growing vegetables and healthy fish do not suffice to satisfy a farmer. The aspect of resource and crop management is also important. On a 1000 square meter farm, you need to think about getting around 500 lettuces (or the equivalent of tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, etc.) to your customers every day. AAF will provide its members with the purchase of all cultivation and their transportation, while also ensuring the daily supply of new seedlings on already prepared floating rafts. In this way, the members of the Association do not have a huge amount of work to do these essential things.

Awareness, research and educational activities

AAF plans to organize the first Czechoslovak Aquaponic Conference for 2020. This conference will be held annually and will include the general assembly and meetings of the Council and the management of the Association with its members. Members of the Association will have a lower admission fee for this conference and will be able to attend special events reserved for invited guests and members only.

The most important partners

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague - VŠCHT.

VŠCHT Prague - Institute of Food and Nutrition Analysis headed by prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc., is our important partner in the field of quality testing of aquaponic farm products. Thanks to the exceptionally high quality instrumentation, we will know exactly how high quality aquaponic food is. This cooperation will be central to the development of aquaponic food cultivation, as the farm products in our association will voluntarily undergo very rigorous testing and customers will have unquestionable proof of the quality of aquaponic products. We agreed with Mrs Hajšlová on cooperation in the following areas:

prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc. and Bc. Michal Fojtík - signing of the memorandum 20.3.2019 - Prague

Mendel University in Brno.

Mendel University in Brno - Faculty of Horticulture led by prof. Ing. Robert Pokluda, Ph.D., is a leading institution in the field of plant physiology research. The main area of cooperation will focus on aquaponic plants and research on all aspects of their growth. Our association will provide students with research facilities and we will work together to establish a new field of study - Aquaponics. Already at this moment the first student is included in our joint program and in his bachelor thesis will investigate differences in plant quality from aquaponic, hydroponic and conventional farms.

prof. Ing. Robert Pokluda, Ph.D. a Bc. Michal Fojtík - signing of the memorandum 18.1.2019 - Lednice

VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava - VŠB-TUO.

We made an agreement on joint work on measuring and control systems on aquaponic farms with the Department of Automation and Computer Technology in Industry at VŠB-TUO, represented by doc. Ing. Jiří David, Ph.D. In the future, we want to fully automate aquaponic farms and equip them with modern technical means based on the Industry 4.0 concept and full implementation into so-called smart cities. This cooperation is very important because to maintain the efficiency of the aquaponic farm it is necessary to have up-to-date information on its status and to be able to respond adequately and regulate the conditions. By automating these processes, we will avoid human error and reduce the need to operate these farms. The future is full of opportunities in this area and I am very glad that the terms of cooperation have been agreed.

All knowledge arising from these joint research projects and programs will be immediately applied in practice. Our association will give students the opportunity to work directly on industrial farms in the private sector, which will undoubtedly enable them to learn the practical aspects of the aquaponic industry. This will bring together the academic sector and the commercial sector while maintaining mutually beneficial cooperation. Another significant advantage is the possibility of employment for students. As the aquaponic industry is being built on a green field, it will be necessary to train experts. Students will participate in international conferences and sightseeing tours together with our association and after graduation they can easily find  jobs in the aquaponic industry. Isn't that great?

The Association will continue to issue press releases, operate an information website, shoot videos and regularly promote its member farms and farmers.

The benefits of aquaponics are immense
With our help even you can fulfill your dream. The more we know about you the better we can help you with aquaponic farming. We do not want to create a new world. We are interested in creating a system that works for all. We would like to help everyone get started and give them lots of useful information and contacts. We are starting a revolution in the cultivation of food and we invite everyone to join us.

Objectives of the Association
The aim of AAF is to provide the members of the association with all-round professional assistance before commencing construction or reconstruction of the aquaponic farm and subsequently to provide support and mediate services for functioning aquaponic farms.


• education, promotion and publishing activities in the field of aquaponics;
• mediation of the sale of aquaponic farm products;
• searching for suppliers and customers of aquapony services;
• assistance with financing and mediation of community financing;
• assistance when beginning with aquaponics: small home systems, medium- sized systems, large industrial systems;
• aquaponic farm map;
• promoting the interests of members of the association and all aquaponic  farmers and cooperation of the association with state and local authorities and other individuals and legal persons for the purpose of realizing the activities of the association.


• building a nationwide network of aquaponic farms;
• development of international cooperation in the field of AQUAPONICS;
• holding aquaponic conferences;
• educational activities;
• building a wholesale network with AQP vegetables and fish.

02. Our aims

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