Hydronaut project 24.10.2018

Hydronaut project

Aquaponics and its benefits can be very beneficial for us in the future, here on Earth. But today, it is clear that this technology is ideal also somewhere else. For example, into space or underwater cities.

Our association already cooperate on the construction of hypermodern cities in The Venus Project and now comes another "big deal".

The author of Hydronaut project Matyáš Šanda approached us only 14 days ago. He wanted to place the aquaponics functional system in his DeepLab H03. The task was taken by our partner, a company specializing in the construction of the aquaponics farms Farm For everyone. Also NASA has been working on the integration of aquaponics into the space program for a long time.

DeepLab is an underwater research laboratory and training station that follows the caisson principle. The facility enables a three-member crew long-term stay under the water surface for the simulation of space missions. It is mainly a prototype facility for obtaining information for the development and construction of additional specialised facilities. The Hydronaut project is connected with the ESA European Space Agency and therefore we are delighted to be part of this project. We love to invent new things and this is the way we want to go.

Mr. Shanda had special requirements on Hydronauta's aquaponics system to reduce the crew space as little as possible. Implementation of this project was a big challenge. It has been designed and implemented a smaller system that produces daily one lettuce weighing 200g and the crew grows by two sturgeons and one carp. This is not enough to feed the crew, but the purpose is technology testing, service, and lots of other things. In another project, H02 DeepFarm will be producing food for simulated survival of the crew, so we have to try it out.

"We were able to build and install the entire system in 10 days, and we had to deal with many problems because Matyáš wanted everything in the submarine to run at 24V, so we designed and manufactured a unique water pump and added 28 special growing lights from Aquaponik.cz which supplies these lights to the European market. " says Bohuslav Škoda, owner of Farm For Everyone.

Michal Fojtík

H03 DeepLab - Aquaponics system - Czech Republic - October 2018 - Before sunk

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