Meet Jean-Francois Choux. France, Madagascar, Reunion. 14.1.2019

Meet Jean-Francois Choux. France, Madagascar, Reunion.

Jeff Choux is one of great men in aquaponics world from France. Now located in the Reunion Island. Jeff is running aquaponics outdoor, 100% Solar Energy powered farm. On the  200 square meters of vegetable growing beds and 10 cubic meters of fish tanks. Production of this farm is about 50 kilos of vegetables per week and few tilapia, which is not for sell.  
Jeff met aquaponics in 2013 for the first time. The reason was that the Reunion Island import too much vegetables by airfreight. Why not grow vegetables by aquaponics technology directly on the Reunion Island. He started his farm at the beginning of 2018. Jeff has couple of plans and goals for the future. Expand his farms over Reunion and Madagascar and reach the Africa, to bring local and healthy food for the local people. He has motivation to design the other indoor or outdoor farms for investors and cooperate with Aquaponics Farm Association. Jeff's ambition is to join worldwide aquaponics business and become a key person in sharing the idea of agricultural revolution and enviromental rescue with all good people. If you are from France, Canada or any other country speaking French or English feel free to contact him. He can help you with your set-up, can supply knowledge and also materials such a fish tanks, filters, leds, sharing any information regarding aquaponics. Thank you and keep fingers crossed !

Michal FoFun Fojtík.

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