5 reasons to join the Aquaponics Farm Association 12.4.2022

5 reasons to join the Aquaponics Farm Association

Protection from disproportionate regulations in the field

Any group or association is a suitable resource for connecting people or companies that have similar interests and similar problems. It is possible to solve everything more practically together; it is possible to learn from other people’s experiences or to help each other out. It’s the same with the Aquaponics Farm Association. The goal is to provide a complete set of services for their members which will make aquaponics farming easier, including arranging for human resources. The Aquaponics Farm Association helps to develop aquaponics and supports companies and individuals.

Cultivation of environment

Even the entrepreneurial environment in the field of bio-produce has a darker side. Competitive environment, unfair practices, favoring other suppliers, and so on. That’s just a fraction of the things that you may encounter in the entrepreneurial market with different commodities. But, luckily, it’s possible to do something about it. The Farm Association is a resource to positively influence relationships and the environment between big entrepreneurs and individuals. To be a part of a group is a privilege that offers significant benefits, opportunities, and provides protection. Common interests are binding, such as those of reaching high yields in bio-quality from aquaponics farms, the problem-free operation of those farms and their possible sale.

Overview of current events

Aquaponics is also a field that needs to be monitored for current events, development, and innovations. But if you just start farming and you really enjoy it, you might not have the margin to watch for all the newest information, innovations, and even changes. And that’s why it’s beneficial to be a member of the Association. It has its own specialized team that easily provides its members with expert and consulting activities.

Specialized service

Aquaponics is a unique food production system that doesn’t yet have a long tradition here. For this reason, aquaponics is missing accessible, auxiliary services that other fields already have established. And so, for example, without arranging for the delivery of fish eggs and feed, building the whole system and setting up all components so that the whole production can work well, it would be really difficult to have any sized farm.

In this way, the Aquaponics Farm Association brings truly rich support, for example:

  • They help with starting farms, and that includes performing a market survey, project documentation, subsidy and financial consulting, and the construction of the farm itself,
  • they help recruit employees,
  • they search for and recommend suppliers and customers for all services in the field of aquaponics,
  • they help arrange the sale of plant and meat products from the farms,
  • they secure and advance the interests of the members of the group with regards to different state administrative bodies or other external subjects,
  • using benefits and discounts with partner subjects.

Creating a media image of the sector

Of great importance to the successful building and developing of aquaponics farms for private entrepreneurs and larger companies is raising awareness of the field. A media image ensures increased importance. And it primarily educates the general public about what aquaponics is, what benefits it has for health, the environment, and so on. That’s why the Farmer’s Association provides this important external publicity.

The activities of the Association are much larger and cover a much wider area, so that the farmers and consumers can have real information and services to ecologically produce healthy food with high nutritional value, as well as the opportunity to grow food for personal use and for business.

Plans for this year include:

  • education in aquaponics across the whole Czech Republic (seminars and online webinars for the target groups: vocational schools, colleges, universities),
  • aquaponics consulting for the general public,
  • development of international relations (for science and development in aquaponics),
  • and others.

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