Partnership matters 2.4.2019

Partnership matters

Because partnership matters.

I would like to give a few words to the new partners that we acquired in 2019 and we agreed on a common path to develop Aquaponics. Behind these results there are hundreds of hours of traveling and dozens of hours of negotiating and drafting. I am very pleased to introduce you to our most important partners.

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague - UCT.
UCT Prague - Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition prof. Ing. Jana Hajšlová, CSc., Is an important partner in the field of product quality testing from aquaponic farms. Thanks to the extraordinary quality equipment we will know exactly how high-quality aquaponic foods are. This collaboration will be central to the development of aquaponic food production, as well as farm products in our association will voluntarily undergo very strict testing and customers will have unquestionable evidence of quality of aquaponic products. We agreed with Mrs Hajšlová on cooperation in the following areas:

Preparation of background papers for conceptual studies and documentation in the commercial area of aquaponic farms.
Research in aquaponic food production.
Implementation of joint projects in the field of food testing.
Educational activities related to aquaponic technologies.
Preparation and implementation of joint projects.
Exchanging relevant information and materials.
Joint organization of seminars, workshops and meetings with experts and public.
Other forms of cooperation between the Parties.

With prof. Ing. Jana Hajslova, CSc. and Bc. Michal Fojtík - Signing of Memorandum 20.3.2019 - Prague

Mendel University in Brno.
Mendel University in Brno - Department of Vegetable Growing and Floriculture, Faculty of Horticulture headed by prof. Ing. Robert Pokluda, Ph.D., is a leading institution in the field of plant production physiology. The main area of cooperation will focus on aquaponic plants and research on all aspects of their growth and quality. Our association will provide students with space for research and we will work together to establish a new course of study - Aquaponics. Already at this moment the first student is included in our joint program and in his bachelor thesis he will examine the differences in quality of plants from aquaponic, hydroponic and conventional farms. More topics in the near future will include:

Effect of CO2 and lighting on speed and quality of growth.
Comparing specific light sources in terms of quality, price and energy consumption.
Differences in nutrient requirements for different vegetables.
Influence of additives on fish and plant health.
Suitable combinations of fish and foliage depending on the needs and fish feed.
Effectiveness of metabolism in aquaponics depending on bacterial filter equipment.

Prof. Ing. Robert Pokluda, Ph.D. and Bc. Michal Fojtík - Signing of Memorandum 18.1.2019 - Lednice

VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava - VŠB-TUO.
With the Department of Automation and Computer Technology in Industry at VŠB-TUO, represented by doc. Ing. Jiří David, Ph.D., we concluded an agreement on colaboration on measuring and control systems at aquaponic farms. In the future we want to fully automate aquaponic farms and equip them with modern technical means, working on the basis of the Industry 4.0 concept and full implementation into so-called smart cities. This collaboration is very important because it is necessary to keep up-to-date with its status and to be able to react and regulate conditions to maintain the efficiency of the aquaponic farm. By automating these processes, we avoid human error and reduce the demands on servicing these farms. The future is full of opportunities in this area, and I am very happy that the conditions for cooperation have been agreed.

The Young Agrarians' Society .
It is said that you can not teach the an old dog new tricks. Just as we are trying to introduce aquaponics to students, we are very happy to work with an association of young farmers. It is true that established agricultural cooperatives and producers, with some exceptions, see competition in aquaponics rather than advantageous technology. Aquaponie has no ambition to change established agrarian mass production based on subsidies and opaque state funding. We want to offer people an alternative to this sick system and bring new products to the market, without unnecessary destruction of the environment and with regard to human and nature health. In this we found a common language with young farmers.

Bc. Michal Fojtík and Jan Štefek - Confirmation of mutual support 24.3.2019 Penzion nad stájí - Jakartovice

All the knowledge that emerges from these joint research projects and programs will be immediately applied in practice, especially in the largest and most dynamic project we participate in, FUTURE FARMING. Our association will provide students with the opportunity to work directly on industrial farms in the private sector, which will undoubtedly enable them to learn the practical aspects of the aquaponic industry. This will bring the academic sector into line with commercial, while mutually beneficial cooperation is maintained. Another significant advantage is the possibility of applying for students. As the aquaponic industry is created on a greenfield basis, it will be necessary to train professionals. In this way, students will participate in international conferences and sightseeing tours together with our association and will find it very easy to find employment in the aquaponic industry after graduation. Isn't that great?

In this way, I would like to thank all the partners who have decided to join forces and I believe that together we can change food production from today's not very satisfactory state to a self-sufficient, sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly aquaponic way.

Michal "FoFun" Fojtík

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