The Association of Aquaponic Farms launched a Chinese mission 28.2.2018

The Association of Aquaponic Farms launched a Chinese mission

China is the main carrier of the most modern approach to aquaponic farming. One of the drivers of green farming is the growing population of China. Thanks to the ever-increasing demand for quality food sources, research and development of aquaponic farms has become a strategic field for Chinese farmers.

Representatives of the Czech aquaponics have joined strategic partners.

Thanks to this new collaboration, the development and research of domestic aquaponics will be even more progressive than before. "We want to learn from the world's top. We are trying to share knowledge and transfer innovation. "Said Michal Fojtík (Chairman of the Association). The project, which is being built in the Czech Republic under the auspices of the Association Aquaponic Farms, has an international overlap. It is the largest covered aquaponic farm in Europe. "To be able to set the growth cycle correctly, while reducing the energy demands of the project, we have turned to a world-renowned aquaponic partner", added Bohuslav Škoda (Member of the Board of Directors).

The main idea of the Chinese mission is sharing knowledge and know-how in the areas of research and development of indoor aquapark farms. By signing the cooperation agreement, the possibilities of the Aquaponics Association are pushed forward by leaps and bounds. The advantage of global collaboration is fast access to information from research. For members of the association, this means primarily access to information, increasing farm efficiency and reducing fixed costs.

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