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In the beautiful Krkonoše Mountains, where you can find the springs of the cleanest water, aquaponic educational courses will take place in 2019.

In cooperation with our partner "Shrine of the Elements", we have prepared a cycle of practical training courses. The participants will receive the latest theoretical information on aquaponics, and the practical part of the training will take place directly at the aquaponics farm. Aquaponics greenhouse with year-round operation and outdoor aquaponics system designed for seasonal operation. Participants will go through theoretical preparation, preparatory phase, practical phase and as a bonus they will be able to visit the Shrine of the Elements, which is a unique building. You will learn about the aquaponics technology developed during the 7-year development and the know-how gained will be a very valuable for all participants. Part of the courses will be seminars focused on future collaboration with participants and their personal development. Every successful graduate will receive an internationally recognized certificate. Aquaponie has a great future ahead, and good and knowledgeable people will be needed in the future.

Topics of theoretical preparation:
Fish farming in aquaponics - species, diseases, treatment, growth, processing
Plant cultivation - types, diseases, treatment, nutrients, root system, CO2
Feed - replenishment of minerals, impact on aquaponics functioning
Bacteria - function and lifetime
Lights - types of lights and use in indoor aquaponics
Construction of individual systems and their various types
Visit of the combined aquaponics farm (indoor + greehouse)
Water - a problem with quality, drought, modern technology
Visiting the Shrine of the Elements

Price 800 € per person. (discount for register user)

Included :  accommodation (2 nights), breakfast, lunch, dinner (on Sundays without dinner)


If you have a loving family with you, we offer a discount (partner + children) 200 EUR per person.
Included : Accomondation, meal, entertainment program and gifts :-)
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